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Welcome to Entrepreneurial Strategy!

Strategy for start-ups

Harvard Business Review, May-June 2018

"Many entrepreneurs worry that exploration will delay commercialization. So they go with the first practical strategy that comes to mind ... After working with and studying hundreds of start-ups over the past 20 years, we have developed a framework, which we call the entrepreneurial strategy compass, that allows company founders to approach the critical choices they face in a practical and clarifying way."

Multiple Paths to Value: Test Two, Choose One

IESE Insight Review, Second Quarter 2017

"This article outlines three principles to help business strategists beat the paradox of entrepreneurship, whittling down their choice sets until they are faced with two equally viable alternatives. That is when to "test two, choose one," which is the recommended approach for decision-making under conditions of uncertainty."

Foundations of Entrepreneurial Strategy

SSRN Working Paper, 2016

"This paper develops an integrated framework that defines and delineates the scope of entrepreneurial strategy, clarifies the choices and complementarities that shape entrepreneurial strategy, and proposes a choice-oriented process for implementing entrepreneurial strategy."

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